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How to Upgrade Version 6.2.1

Are you using version 6.2.1 of Aren Payroll or Aren Register? You may want upgrade to version 8.2 which is the latest release. Click here to see what has changed.

Upgrading to the same product as you are currently using, e.g. from Aren Payroll 6.2.1 Standard to Aren Payroll 8.2 Standard, will cost USD 220. Please contact us for a written quotation.

You can upgrade yourself to version 8.2 by following the instructions below, provided that your data is stored in a local folder. After the upgrade contact us for version 8.2 licences. We shall email you the licences and an invoice for the upgrade.

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Before you upgrade your data:

  1. Start Aren Payroll 6.2.1 or Aren Register 6.2.1 which brings up the Start dialog box.
  2. Write down the folder shown in the Start dialog box. This is where the payroll data is stored.
  3. Log into the payroll and open the first organisation.
  4. For each pay frequency, print the control account for this pay period and the previous one.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all other organisations.
  6. Close the payroll. The upgrade program will fail if it is run when the payroll is open.

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Upgrade the payroll data from version 6.2.1 format to version 8.2.

  1. Download the upgrade file for your product from the table below.
  2. Unzip the upgrade file. This will create a folder containing the upgrade program which is either PaytoPay.exe or RegtoReg.exe.
  3. Run the upgrade program and follow the on-screen instructions. The upgrade program will use the payroll data for version 6.2.1 to create a new folder with version 8.2 data. The old data will not be affected in any way.

In case you experience any difficulties, review the file upgrade.log in the newly created folder for version 8.2.

Product Current Version Target Version Upgrade File Size (KB) Last Updated
Aren Payroll 6.2.1 8.2 6,916 14/6/22
Aren Register 6.2.1 8.2 6,917 14/6/22

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Click here to download and install the correct version of Aren Payroll 8.2 or Aren Register 8.2.

Step 4 of 5

Link the new payroll software to the newly created data folder.

  1. Start Aren Payroll 8.2 or Aren Register 8.2.
  2. In the Start dialog box, click on Data Folder to open the Data Folders dialog box.
  3. Click on Select to select the data folder you saved version 8.2 data in.
  4. Close the Data Folders dialog box.

Step 5 of 5

Verify that the upgrade was successful.

  1. Log into Aren Payroll 8.2 or Aren Register 8.2 and open the first organisation.
  2. Key in the licence number (Organisation > Licence).
  3. For each pay frequency, print the control account for this pay period and the previous one and check them against the ones for version 6.2.1 printed earlier.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all other organisations.