Product Comparison

  Aren Payroll 8.2 Aren Register 8.2
Standard Enterprise Standard Enterprise
Up to 99 organisations[1]
Maximum number of employees per organisation 500 1,500 1,000 2,500
Multiple users with separate roles
Multi-user—up to 3 concurrent users    
Data storage on network drive    
Backup and restore data
Unlimited earnings and deductions
User-modifiable tax tables
Monthly online tax returns
Electronic salary payment
Send payslips by email
Import new employees
Import time and attendance data  
Import payment, deduction or benefit data  
Multiple pay frequencies  
Foreign currency payroll  
Retain past reports for up to 10 years
Filter reports by admin. unit, station or pay group
Export all reports to text
Well-formatted and flexible payslips
Co-operative, pension fund and loan reports
Monthly PAYE, NSSF, SDL and WCF returns
Annual tax returns—P9, P10 and ITX215
Cash, cheque and bank transfer lists
Coinage summary
Envelope labels  
Leave and absence reports    
Human Resources
Assign employees to predefined posts (establishment)    
Track joiners and leavers
Account for leave days    
Monitor absence    
Record leave bookings    
Capture next of kin and dependants    
Capture employee photo    

[1] Each organisation requires a separate licence.