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Updating Your Program

Installation Files

Download and install the latest release of Aren Payroll 6.1.1 or Aren Register 6.1.1 using the installation files below.

Note that you will need a valid licence in order to use the software with your own data. You can obtain a permanent licence by purchasing a copy of the software.

To evaluate the software, we suggest you use the sample data that is provided. Alternatively, contact us for a 60-day trial licence.

Ugandan versions of Aren Payroll and Aren Register.
Product Version File Size (KB)  
Aren Payroll Standard Edition 6.1.1 pay611std.msi 1,605 15/7/21
Aren Payroll Premier Edition 6.1.1 pay611pmr.msi 1,623 15/7/21
Aren Register Premier Edition 6.1.1 reg611pmr.msi 1,754 15/7/21

User Guides

After installing, read the appropriate user guide for detailed instructions on setting up and using the software. Should you need any assistance, please contact us.

Product Version User Guide Size (KB) Last Updated
Aren Payroll Standard Edition 6.1.1 pay611std.pdf 769 22/12/20
Aren Payroll Premier Edition 6.1.1 pay611pmr.pdf 844 22/12/20
Aren Register Premier Edition 6.1.1 reg611pmr.pdf 892 22/12/20

Updating Your Program

We release revised versions of our programs from time to time, adding new features and fixing any bugs detected. If you are already using version 6.1.1 of either Aren Payroll or Aren Register and wish to install the latest release of the same program, do the following:

  1. Download the installation file for the program you are using and save it on your computer.
  2. Run the old program. In the Start dialog box, click on Data Folder to open the Data Folders dialog box. Write down the folders where your data is stored.
  3. Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall the old program from your computer. This will not affect your data in any way.
  4. Double click on the installation file you downloaded to install the new program.
  5. Run the new program and use the Start dialog box to link it to the data folders you wrote down earlier.

Note that the installation programs on this page cannot be used to upgrade from an earlier version of Aren Payroll or Aren Register. Upgrade programs are here.